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Average Water Usage


General Manager:

Here are some ideas of how much water a standard household will use.

1 Person – 3,000 gallons per month

2 People - 6,000 gallons per month

3 people – 9,000 gallons per month

4 people – 12,000 gallons per month

Day to Day activities use water, that’s a fact, but there are ways to combat waste.  Here are a few examples of water usage that may help.

5-minute shower – 25 gallons

Flushing your toilet – 1.5 gallons

Dish washer – 6 gallons        By hand – 27 gallons

Turning the shower off between steps and only flushing the toilet when necessary, will significantly reduce waste

Additional water usage is generally irrigation or some other process that uses water.  Small leaks the size of a pinhole can cost over 6,000 gallons a month in usage and can be difficult to diagnose.