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Memo-Interconnection and Lake Level Update


From: General Manager

The construction for the emergency connection with Bell County WCID1 is complete and ready for use.  This allows us even lower access in the lake under emergency conditions.  Before the interconnect, Kempner Water would have been unable to pull water once the lake dropped to 589.3’ (elevation), even with the new intake extension.  Now, the lowest level (with emergency connection) is 579’.

Stillhouse Lake is currently at 603’ and continues to drop daily.  Even with the emergency interconnect we only have 24’ of water before we absolutely will not be able to pull water to treat.  Also, keep in mind that as the lake levels drop the water becomes more turbid (cloudy) and production slows down as it takes significantly more time for the filters to do their job. 

Kempner’s Water Plant is moving along with our new rack and strainers.  The anticipated date for this completion is mid-October and will complete our projects for the 2022-2023 Budget Year. 

Kempner Water Supply will continue to keep you updated on all future projects, which will include some line upgrades, a generator at the water plant, and new valves to keep so many from being out of water during a line repair.


Bruce Sorenson