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Memo-Intake Extension Update


From: General Manager-Kempner Water Supply Corporation

The Intake Project at Stillhouse Lake is progressing. The divers must dredge the mud and silt away from the lower intake and this is taking longer than expected due to the wide area and the sheer volume of silt. We expect to have the intake extension completed by the middle of next week.

The interconnection with WCID1 that we are working on will provide water when we must take the plant down for construction, like we are doing now. This will be beneficial for all Kempner Members and should also be completed sometime next week.

Kempner Water Supply remains under Stage IV Water Conservation requirements. We will continue to enforce these requirements as long as it is necessary.  We appreciate all of you that have lowered your consumption significantly. Please continue to monitor your areas for leaks and report any seen to the office.