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Effective Immediately: Implementing Stage 4 Drought

Drought conditions are intensifying in Central Texas. Kempner Water Supply Corporation is implementing Stage 4 of its Emergency Drought Plan for the next 3 weeks and will re-evaluate where we are at that time. During Stage IV restrictions, non-essential uses of water are prohibited. We are trying to achieve a 30% reduction so that we can shut down our plant during the day to install the intake that will get us lower in the lake. Please conserve now or we will be forced to implement measures to keep water usage down.

Outside Watering with a can or bucket only during am hours. New tiered rates will apply starting August 1st. We are making courtesy calls to high usage members, letting them know they are not allowed to run their irrigation systems. Our meters will show us if you are watering. We can provide you with the trend of your meter if you need proof of excessive use. If we discover you are irrigating or otherwise violating this prohibition, we will shut off your meter. We can do this with the provisions of our tariff which all members agreed to when the meter was installed. You will have to call to have the meter turned back on during normal business hours. The initial cost of turning the water back on will be a $150.00 fine and a $50.00 trip charge. If we must cut the water off a 2nd time, it will not be turned back on for three days and you will be charged a $300.00 fine and a $50.00 trip charge. Members this is a serious situation. Lake levels are at historic lows throughout central Texas. Relief will come at some point when we have sufficient rain.

Current lake level: 606.53 elevation