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Conservation Memo From the General Manager

Stillhouse lake, which is our only source of water, is at a critically low level. Currently it is at 607.6 feet elevation and is dropping 1 inch every 2 days. When the water level reaches 605 feet elevation, water production at our plant will slow down and 604 feet, production will stop. We are installing an extension in August that will give us a lower intake level and potentially buy us some time. Please be aware that we are not seeing much conservation of water in our system. If the lake level drops to 606 feet elevation, we will be forced to implement stage IV Water Conservation restrictions which are stricter and will not allow you to use your irrigation systems or fill a pool, only hand watering with a bucket will be authorized. Conservation enforcement will include fines for excessive use.

Thanks to those of you who currently are conserving. If you see a possible leak, please notify the office or on call person as soon as possible, so we can get the leak repaired.

You can view the current lake level on this website.