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RPZ Inspection Due Dates and Licensed Inspectors

For further clarification…

The initial RPZ policy was enacted by KWSC and ALL members were notified by mail on 2/10/2020. In that notification, we required that all necessary RPZ’s be installed and tested by 4/1/2020. This is not a new policy/requirement to our membership. It has been in place for two years. For members who already have an inspection on file with KWSC, your inspection will be due one year from the date of your last inspection. For members that do not have an inspection on file with KWSC already, your initial inspection will be due on or before 4/1/2022.

Additional information can be found in the Tariff in Section G: Rates and Service Fees under #24 Cross Connection Backflow Testing on pages 38 and 39. A link is provided below.

*Tariff Link*