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RPZ Clarification

We have had an abundance of calls from members requesting clarification for the TCEQ RPZ requirements. An RPZ is required when there is a potential health hazard to yourself and the public water system. See examples below:


Need RPZ (backflow prevention device) to eliminate potential health hazards:

Swimming pool WITH auto fill

Have a lawn sprinkler system to water your grass (hooked to KWSC water service)- this does NOT pertain to an aerobic septic system that sprays out water.

Have a well on the property and KWSC water service.

Have a rainwater harvesting system.


Do NOT need RPZ- no potential health hazard exists:

Swimming pool that you fill with a hose

Do not have a lawn sprinkler system, ONLY an aerobic septic system that sprays out water.

Do not have a well on the property.

Do not have a rainwater harvesting system.