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Get Your Pipes Ready, Freezing Temps Are Coming!!

Winter is here! With temperatures expected to be below freezing for the next couple of days, have you checked on your water meter lately?

It is important to check your house to ensure your water meter and any water lines that are in unheated or exposed areas, are insulated or wrapped in heat tape. (If you are unsure how to do this, contact a licensed plumber.)

Here are a few ways to keep you water meter — and your house — warm:

  • Wrap your meter and any exposed pipes with insulation and/or heat tape (available at local hardware stores.)
  • Ensure the lid is sealed completely on your meter box to keep wind from pushing through the box and possibly freezing your meter.
  • Cold air can seep into the house through cracks in windows, walls and doors, and through spaces/gaps around them. Gaps can be filled with spray foam insulation or caulking. Repair or replace broken windows and doors.
  • Disconnect hoses from the hose bibs.
  • Turn off the water to outside faucets (there should be shutoff valves inside the house).
  • Never shut off the heat when you are away. Lower the thermostat instead — shutting off the heat can lead to frozen pipes.
  • Improve the circulation of heated air near pipes. For example, open kitchen cabinet doors beneath the kitchen sink.
  • If you have no way to protect pipes from freezing during cold snaps, leave all water taps slightly open so they drip continuously. It will waste some water, but in the long run, it will be less costly — and less wasteful — than having a pipe freeze and burst.

If a pipe becomes frozen, never use a torch to thaw it. Instead, heat the room or use a hair dryer. Keep in mind that frozen pipes can crack, so when they thaw out, they can cause a flood.


As members ourselves, we are taking these precautions at our homes and offices to ensure the integrity of our water lines. Therefore, we wanted to pass on these precautionary steps to our entire membership!