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Good afternoon Members,

We just wanted to inform you that we have a leak on our main line on PR 4872.  There should not be more than 8 or 9 houses affected by this repair and the water should be back on within a few hours. 

We pray you have a very blessed weekend and sincerely thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. 

Protect Your Pipes

Members, the temperature has dropped significantly in the last couple of hours and is forecast to drop below freezing by morning.  We at KWS have a few helpful tips to keep your pipes from bursting due to the freeze.


  • Leave all faucets in your home running at a fast drip or barely steady stream.  This will keep water flowing through your pipes making it harder to freeze.
  • Leave the cabinet doors under your sinks open to let the warm air from your home access the pipes and keep them from freezing.


  • Make sure outdoor spigots are turned off and there is no water in your water hoses.
  • Thoroughly wrap your spigots with an old tshirt or towel and cover with a plastic bag.
  • Take a bath towel and wrap your water meter as best as you can and then cover with a plastic trash bag.

Taking these steps will significantly improve your chances of making it through this freeze with your water pipes intact.  Stay warm folks!

EWG Report

Alert! KWSC water is safe to drink.  All water is tested by our state regulatory agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and meets all EPA standards for safe drinking water.

Message from the Board of Directors

In the fall of 2016 the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality conducted an investigation of KWSC pertaining to falsification of documents and water quality made by a former employee. The TCEQ has taken no actions against KWSC and the Board of Directors and General Management consider this a completed action.  Any questions about the investigation may be directed to the records custodian at TCEQ Investigations, Compliance, and Enforcement at or 1-888-777-3186.

The Board of Directors invites the Member-Owners to attend the monthly meeting on Wednesday July 19, 2017 at the KWSC offices. We encourage all Member-Owners to attend.  If individuals would like to speak before the board, they are invited to do so. Per corporation by-laws ,to be put on the agenda for board discussion contact the KWSC office at (254) 547-9430 or (512) 932-3701 no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting (Friday, 14 July, 2017).   If any Member-Owners would like to speak to any of the Board of Directors, Customer Relations Committee or General Manager on an individual basis they may do so by contacting the KWSC office.  Additionally, because we are a transparent non-profit member owned cooperative Member-Owners may request, as always, any records or view any facility that they so require.

The Board of Directors, Management, and Employees are committed to meeting the water needs of our cooperative. All of our Board Members and most employees are KWSC Member-Owners whose families also rely on KWSC to meet their daily water needs.  Since its incorporation in 1973, KWSC has been governed by a non-compensated Board of Directors nominated and elected by the Member-Owners.  As such the Board has always relied on the input, ideas and diversity of the Member-Owners to shape policy and ensure that the needs of the community are being met.  Unfortunately, in recent years Member-Owner involvement has steadily decreased resulting in monthly meetings with no attendance by Member-Owners, a dramatic decrease in the pool of those who are willing to volunteer their time to run and serve on the Board of Directors, and even Member-Owners who just stop by to bring in their expertise, opinions and ideas.  KWSC is not nor was ever designed to be a faceless corporation.  It was and still is a local community cooperative of friends and neighbors working together.  We hope to see you at next Wednesdays meeting.



Boil Notice Retraction

All samples came back from the lab with perfect results and the boil notice for all areas has been retracted.  Thank you all for your patience.