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Official Payments has informed us about a phony bill payment scam going around. Rest assured the security and
integrity of the Offical Payments platform has not been compromised at any time or in any manner.
For tips on how
to avoid payment scams and steps to take if you believe your identity has been stolen please visit


We have been notified by Official Payments that every Tuesday from 5pm CT - 8pm CT is their regularly scheduled maintenance.
Please refrain from making a payment during the above time as it may cause an error with your payment.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Thank you.



Official Payments assess the following fees:

    Credit/Debit Card:    $4.95
    E-Check:                 $3.00

These fees are charged at the end of your transaction, if you wish to continue please click the agree button found below.


Our online payment system is not in real time, therefore if you are making a payment after midnight on the 15th of the month and you want to avoid a late fee you MUST call us with your confirmation number on the first business day following the 15th by 10am.


Kempner WSC must receive payment and/or confirmation of payment prior to 8am on the 26th of each month.  You MUST call the office with your confirmation number prior to 9am. If payment has not been paid or confirmed by this cutoff time you will be subject to a trip fee if collection of funds or confirmation have to be obtained at your place of service or subject to reconnect fee if you have been disconnected for nonpayment or payment made online after midnight on the 25th.  These fees will not reflect on the online system and will be charged to you upon payment in person.

I have read and understand the terms provided and wish to proceed to an online payment.
                                                                          (Please be sure you have read the above info before clicking agree.)

I have read and do not wish to proceed with an online payment.

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